Behind the Fluff with Gabrielle Corney

Behind The Fluff with Gabrielle Corney

My motto is hair is the ULTIMATE accessory

I was born in Queens, NY

My zodiac sign is a Aries

My very first job was a penny saver collater

My favorite color is turquoise

My alter ego is a nerd

My favorite song growing up was Fire and Desire by Rick James and Tina Marie

My biggest career inspiration is the spiritual connection with clients

My dream vacation destination is Tahiti

Outside of my profession, my favorite hobby is Interior Designing 

About Gabrielle Corney

With a unique philosophy of empowering clients through her work, Gabrielle

Corney offers exemplary hair styling services, which combine years of technical

expertise with top-notch customer service, all delivered with a warm and personal touch.

Gabrielle’s appreciation “for all things beautiful” first blossomed as a fine art major in

New York City highly accredited Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School for the performing

Arts. There, this appreciation quickly developed into a passion and her focus directed

towards the beauty industry.

In addition to providing impeccable hair care and styling services for New York City’s

Fashion Week and The International Beauty Show. Gabrielle has traveled the world

enhancing beauty throughout Spain, Paris, Ireland, Japan, Africa, and Canada.

While staying true to her motto “Hair is the Ultimate accessory”, Gabrielle’s goal is to

continue to foster her professional and technical development, while continuing to build

and maintain relationships throughout the ever-dynamic beauty industry.