Behind the Fluff with Fittd


My motto is smell the roses while your living

I was born in Detroit MI

My zodiac sign is a virgo

My very first job was a Golf Caddy

My favorite color is green

My alter ego is I have no alter ego Fittd both day and night!

My favorite song growing up was/is anything Jay-z (Huge fan) 

My biggest career inspiration is my grandfather. Just because of his drive to always do things bigger than the last time you've done it. 

My dream vacation destination is Dubai

Outside of my profession, my favorite hobby is concerts and music

About Fittd:

Ryan Washington, professionally known as Fittd (pronounced Fitted) is an international videographer/DJ/graphic designer, born and raised in the Metro area of Detroit Michigan. He developed his passion for the arts at young age.  He originally started in the arts as musician being a classically trained trumpet player. From there things evolved in other forms of arts as he entered high school. His passion for business and designing fully bloomed there. Videography started as a hobby and favor for a teacher and ended as he left to go on to higher education.  Life went on and music and graphic designing flourished during his time at Kentucky State University. Upon graduation he moved back to Detroit and then a small time in LA and then finally ended up in Atlanta GA. This is where the knowledge gained in high school doing small video projects came back full circle. Doing projects for local musicians and some notable business and corporations  built the videography side of his brand. In the future he plans to continue to build his music film and design company. As always he continues to live by: smell the roses while your living!