Behind the Fluff with Shay Ordia

Behind The Fluff with Shay Ordia

My motto is "trust the vibes you get. They Don't Lie."

I was born in Dallas

My zodiac sign is a Leo

My very first job was at 12 years old, sitting on the back porch of our complex and styling my childhood friend's hair for lunch money.

My favorite color is Blue

My alter ego is loud and the life of the party. I'm usually reserved and let the Party come to me. People tend to be drawn to me because of my silent demeanor. My alter ego would let people know about me while not being overbearing. I would say, my alter ego wouldn't wait for the party... she would say, "I AM the party!!"

My favorite song growing up was "Iesha" by Another Bad Creation.

My biggest career inspiration is the Art of Beauty and transformation.

My dream vacation destination is Dubai

Outside of my profession, my favorite hobby is interior decorating and event planning

About Shay Ordia

Shay Ordia received special training in The Art of Science of Cosmetology in the Beauty & Cosmetology Industry, at State Beauty Academy. This training prepared her for a bright future in the Cosmetology industry, specializing in the foundation and restoration of healthy hair. Shay has even implemented a tremendous self-maintenance system for in-between salon visits. She is a strong advocate of educating her clients in product knowledge and usage, and assisting to their individual needs to create beautiful and healthy transformations. She is equipped in using high-end quality products such as Moroccan Oil and 100% Virgin Indian hair, for professional weaving extension techniques. Her client’s awareness of product use and maintenance is also evident in her latest accomplishment in achieving the Indique Salon Retailer Award for top three selling retailer of the month in December 2011. However, with the unimaginable and increasing economic circumstances nationally, timing was extremely important and a positive project was needed. During this time Ish24 was born. It has created and upheld current projects that include: Entrepreneurship/Internship programs which includes hands-on, inquiry-based learning, community services and problem-solving and technology-infused activities that provide interns with beauty industry opportunities. Another current project Shay is undertaking is beauty public relations for television and radio network entertainment.

More about Shay Ordia...What would Shay O do to your lifestyle change?
Shay O will add a cost-effective salon experience to your salon visit, custom hair design techniques, and evoke emotion on your overall look.

What objects has she had for years that remain in style today?
Her priceless finger combing collection, which acquired during her travels because she was fascinated by the feel of hair texture. Shay O has added products and styling tools since she has become the grateful caretaker of each valued guest.

How would Shay O friends describe her ?
She's focused on lifelong relationships, both personally and professionally.
She is responsive, client oriented, loyal, honest, and a visionary. She's a go-getter, down to earth and easy to love.