Behind the Fluff with Mali Thomas

Name: Mali Thomas

Occupation: Artist/Creative

Instagram: @Kingmalimagic

My motto is, "How can I accept a limited definable self when I feel, in me, all possibilities." - Anais Nin

I was born in Nigeria

My zodiac sign is a Taurus

My very first job was, I worked at my family's restaurant at the age of 15.

My favorite color is black

My alter ego is King Mali Magic

My favorite song growing up was Billie Holiday " Blue Moon"

My biggest career inspiration is through visual art. I didn't know I would become a makeup artist. I loved to paint on canvas and one day I tried a different medium and it stayed with me. I fell in love with doing makeup. I purchased Kevyn Aucoin's Face Forward book and the rest is history. Keyvn Aucoin,Way Bandy, Jean-Michel Basquiat are amongst the list of artist that inspire me

My dream vacation destination is Mauritius

Outside of my profession, my favorite hobby is attending car shows. I am a car enthusiast.

About Mali:

Mali Thomas is a leading makeup and beauty educator of six years. Mali’s humble beginnings as a makeup artist commenced upon completion of her graduate studies at SAIC in Chicago.

There, she studied Modern and Contemporary Art History.

Mali is the owner of Mali Magic LLC, which is responsible for hiring some of the most leading hair and makeup professionals in the beauty industry. She is also the co-owner of Mali & Mursi, a visual content, marketing and branding company.

To further promote her insatiable appetite for beauty, confidence and empowerment, she recently launched a movement, “Behind Her Magic”. Behind her magic’s goal is to end colorism which is common worldwide.

Mali’s combined love for makeup, art, and painting, makes her a force to be reckoned with. Mali’s greatest passion is her work because it makes her feel free to express herself and to share her gift of artistry through sheer desire and technique.