My Hair Journey

I've always been obsessed with my hair! I remember my very first salon experience. I think I was five. The stylist placed "Shirley Temple" curls into my hair. I was so excited! Three hours later, they dropped, and I was so sad. Ever since then, I've been determined to find styles that last and products that work!

I moved to Atlanta five years ago from New York City and decided to begin my natural hair journey. No one explained to me that the humidity in Atlanta is UN-REAL! I could not handle the frizz, so I immediately started to wear protective styles. My hair did not get to see the light of day.

I decided to research hair salons and realized that being natural was expensive! I decided to head to youtube and "figure it out". All of the youtubers that I watched created their own hair products by mixing ingredients that worked for their hair. Unfortunately those ingredients did not work for me. 

There was a hair craze of texture manageability systems that I decided to try. It was said to tame your hair without ruining your curls. My curls became super limp after trying that. So I had to cut my hair- THE BIG CHOP. I wasn't stressed with cutting my hair because I had tons of protective styling options. This marks year five and my hair feels pretty healthy. Am I at my ideal goal of Tracee Ellis Ross curls? No. But luckliy with Indique ID, I'm able to find products that work. Stay tuned on my journey to see the new hairstyles that I'm able to wear and what new products that I'll be trying!