Joyce Koomson

My Hair Journey

Joyce Koomson
My Hair Journey

My hair journey has certainly done a 360 about 4 or  5 times. I've tried it all. From a young age, I always had a passion for hair. After, graduating college, I immediately went to hair school. I can credit my mother for this as she is also a licensed cosmetologist.


I had huge puffs as a baby and I loved to get my hair shampooed and styled. I had my first relaxer at 5 years old. Yeah, I know, today that would make most of y'all cringe. But for the most part, I had healthy hair. We always had hair magazines in the house and that was my main source for choosing my next look. Brandy's signature block braids were my go to. My mom is from Ghana, so giving me "Moesha" braids was no biggie.

I started to do my own hair in middle school. Cornrows with designs were the big trend at the time. My best friend would practice on me and vice versa. Once we got to high school we started to experiment with extensions. We were the Wet n' Wavy queens.👸🏾!  Wet n' Wavy extensions were super easy to install because the braiding technique didn't need to be precise. Eventually, we got the technique down for flat weaves and were self-proclaimed pros.

By my senior year of high school, I got a short tapered cut. Clearly, because I thought I was grown. This time, it was a picture of Fantasia that I brought to the salon. I will never forget my first day going to school with my cut, it was February. I never thought about the wind dancing with my scalp until I reached the bus stop. All I could think of was, "Why did I cut my hair in the winter time?!" During my "cut life" I colored my hair for the first time, honey blonde. I was in the salon every 2 weeks faithfully. My hair was growing like wildfire. I debated a number of times to let it grow out and then I would see a picture of a cut I wanted. 

Now I'm off to college. Need I mention, my school is in the middle of nowhere. Therefore, bye tapered cut. I basically did my own hair the entire 4 years. Throughout college I wore extensions, relaxing my own hair (just the leave out🙈). Vigin Indian hair extensions were slowly emerging. It was like Hollywood's best-kept secret was revealed. I was reading hair forums like Black Hair Media every day! I discovered Indique and scored an internship. 

My first Indique texture was BOUNCE Deep Wave

I eventually decided to become natural. Not intentionally, but I figured if I'm wearing extensions, why do I need to perm my hair? This was probably a year or 2 shy before the big natural boom. So no blogs or Youtube channels for guidance or recommendations and most stylists were still creamy crack advocates. 

So, there I was months in with natural roots and relaxed ends. My hair was literally shedding, tangling and breaking at the point where natural and relaxed met. Wash days were depressing. When it got long enough for me to braid, I chopped the relaxed ends. I started getting into crafting wigs and experimenting with closures and frontals. 

I was natural! And now it was a thing 🤷🏾‍♀️. But no one really talked about styling hair like mine. I looked at my hair as kinky and dry. All the natural hair products did nothing for me. I saw no curl definition 😑. I probably wore my hair out twice. For me, my hair was always an accessory. It was more of, "How am I feeling today?" My hair is like my shoes. I built a wig wardrobe and through my work with Indique, I had hair closet that was to die for.  An atelier of custom units. I enjoyed making these pieces so much, I was proud to wear them. 


From cosmetology school and working in a salon, I learned the power of professional products. The importance of following a system. I began to have my hair on a regimen and learned that my hair is actually pretty soft and extremely easy to silk press. 

I eventually cut my hair again and relaxed it. I even added purple highlights!




Then came back to natural again, but this time with a real big chop. But I still didn't know what to do with my hair in its natural state. I visited, Miss Jessie's Salon in Soho and through a very detailed appointment, they opened my eyes to how to style my natural hair. I could do a wash and go! What?!? 

Now I'm at a point where my wigs are my protective style and favorite accessory but I also enjoy styling my natural hair. But, I have one issue. Growth! My hair feels like it had been the same length forever. How do I get my fro to be frotastic?! 

Let's see what this Indique ID is all about!