My Big Chop- Expectations vs. Reality

My Big Chop- Expectations vs. Reality

So it has been 4 months and I feel like I am watching grass grow. I do not feel like my hair has grown at all in the last month. My goal is to have full natural hair that I can rock in a puff but right now I feel like I resemble a Samuel L. Jackson as Mr. Glass. It’s ok to laugh, if you’ve done a big chop then you can for sure relate. 

My expectations vs. My reality

If you have been wondering “What has Khyree been doing to her hair in the last month” 
Here it is:

• Dyed my hair jet black
• Started using Miss Jessies Coily Custard (Love It!) 
• Shampooing my hair twice a week with Shea moisture
• Using Miss Jessie’s MAFURA Hair oil to moisturize my scalp

Let me get into detail about going from Bleached Blonde to Jet Black. First, I am not a hair care professional just because all my hair did not fall doesn’t mean it was the heat healthiest way to do it. The process took two days. I started off by putting a cherry red rinse on my hair. I did not want to attempt to go straight to black and end up looking like She-go from Kim Possible. I am not sure why stylist make you go to an intermediate color but that is what I did. After completing the rinse, I deep conditioned my hair using Shea Moisture’s Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque. I then proceeded to give myself a hot oil treatment. I thought that by doing all this, I was being smart about my home care and taking preemptive measures to protect my hair. Who knows if I just wasted my time and money? Haha.


The next day I used Crème of Nature’s Moisture Rich Hair Color dye C10 to change my hair color to Jet Black. I followed the directions on the box and did not deviate because I did not want to get TOO creative and be bald after. The dye took perfectly and this was the end result. I just want to thank the hair gawds that my curl pattern is still in tact and whatever I did was not too damaging.