Big Chop Check-in!

It is that time again, Big Chop Check-in! If you’ve been keeping up with my IndiqueID journey then you know its been approximately 5 months since I took clippers to my head and said “Buh bye” to the creamy crack. Yup, I shaved my head bald. I must admit I do miss relaxing my hair. Every time I see a fresh pixie cut on the street, I have to utilize every ounce of self-control to not call my hairstylist. In the face of temptation, I have held on to my natural hair. 

Maintaining short natural hair is harder than you would think or maybe it's just my hair. This past month I have struggled with dry/ rough hair. My hair has always been a little more on the coarse side but lately, it feels like a Brillo pad. I recently started a new form of birth control, I don’t know if that is impacting the feel of my hair but I am going to research and investigate. The styling options are also limited which is why I have been wig’ing it up. Wigs are protective styles that also provide versatility. 

The Details of my hair care routine: 

 • Shampoo/ Condition 1 time per week with Shea Moisture 100% coconut
 • Deep Condition weekly  with Raw Shea Butter Mask (Shea Moisture)  
 • Detangle with Crème of Nature’s Pure Honey Detangler
 • Moisturize scalp with coconut/jojoba oil
 • Braid down and secure my Tracee Ellis Ross Wig

I have yet to get my ends trimmed. When I hit my 6-month mark I will be getting my ends trimmed. 
A Mane for the Meantime

It can be torturous waiting for your hair to grow to a point that it is “long”. My personal "hairspiration" is Tracee Ellis Ross. Although our hair is differing in texture; the fullness, length, and movement of her hair are what I want for my mane. Instead of waiting, I created a mane for the meantime using Indique’s Bounce Organic Curl in 18 inches. The wig only required 2 tubes and is super full, soft and not super shiny. I left a thin area of my natural hair out around my hairline. This helped me create the most realistic look, I could lay my edges and give the illusion that it is all mine. I am completely in love with this wig and hair. I will be using the Bounce Organic Curl to create a faux ponytail very soon, stay tuned for that.