Social Universe- Post Responsibly

Social Universe- Post Responsibly

With the age of Instagram, Twitter, & Facebook, you can really get lost in someone else's reality. 

When I first moved to Atlanta from New York, I was obsessed with staying in the "scene". Seeing all of my friends at parties and events that I should've been at made me feel sick! I realized that I had to disconnect from the social universe and actually try to enjoy my new city. 

Joining a gym was my salvation. I was able to meet new people and fit my old jeans at the same time! Since my job consists of knowing what the celebrities are doing 24-7, I had to reconnect with the Gram. 

I noticed that with a brief break with instagram, I did not miss anything at all. The same "models" were posting the same #ootd posts and the same "socialcelebs" were posting their "seminars".

Social media can be a great tool to boost your business, but as an end user you must remember that everyone has their own path and their own route to success. Don't get consumed with everyone else's lifestyle because you will miss out on your own amazing moments