Top 5 Wedding Apps for the Bride-to-Be

Top 5 Wedding Apps for the Bride-to-Be

1. Pinterest
Get inspired, create a mood board and plan the wedding of your dreams while constantly getting great DIY tips from other users.

2. WedPics 

Practically your own Instagram community where you, your wedding party and guest can post their snapshots from your big day! You simply create your own unique sign in, share and let the memories flow in. Everyone will have the capability to like and comment on pictures, all in real time. This is the best way to capture the moments the photographer wasn't able to and get a look into your friends and family's experience at your wedding without having to stalk everyone's Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

3. WeddingHappy
Whether you've hired a wedding planner or have taken on the task yourself, this app is a must-have to keep it all in order. WeddingHappy asks for your anticipated wedding date, then builds you a customized schedule with a to-do checklist and suggested due dates. Equipped with a wedding day countdown, reception seating charts, notifications, and a dashboard overview, (just to name a few features) you will not miss a single detail. 

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4. Wedding Party
Great way to capture every moment of your wedding from your engagement to the nuptials. Wedding Party is the place to keep your friends and family in the loop about your wedding news, upcoming events and schedules. Additionally, your wedding party gets to share some information about themselves and their relationship with you. Social media has an interesting way of bringing people together. Your roommate from college and kindergarten sandbox pal will be well acquainted before the bridal shower without a doubt.

5. WeddingDJ 
The music at a wedding certainly sets the tone. Organize all your favorite tunes and when they should be played and hand it over to the DJ!