Athlete Gabrielle Reece Debuts New Reality Show, "Strong"

NBC's recently announced transformation competition series Strong will be hosted by popular professional volleyball player Gabrielle Reece with executive producers Sylvester Stallone and The Biggest Loser creator Dave Broome.

Strong matches 10 everyday women with the world’s most elite fitness trainers to conquer tough mental and physical obstacles. During the 10 episodes, the female contestants and their pro partners will embark on a journey in order to reach their full potential.

“I couldn’t be more proud and thrilled to partner up with NBC on Strong,” says Reece. “The opportunity to share the concept of people wanting to and working toward tapping into their greatness is a dream. My hope is that we can use the show to inspire and motivate others.”

Every episode will feature all of the two-person teams working together in a series of grueling challenges, and at the end of each episode, one team will be eliminated per week.

In addition to volleyball, Reece is a fitness expert who has served as the host of Fit TV’s series Insider Training. She is also the creator of HIGHX Training, a high-intensity co-ed group fitness program.

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