The Beauty Of Travel

Catering to “niche markets” in the travel industry is all the rage nowadays. But when it comes to targeting minorities for their vacation needs, most agency campaigns tend to feel forced and under-researched. This is where Evita Robinson’s pioneering Nomadness Travel Tribe comes in.

Creating Nomadness as a “new age travel movement” in September 2011, Robinson understood that while statistics of American travelers are still very low (currently estimated to be between five and six percent of the population) it’s the growing audience of people of color travel agents are zeroing in on. Nomadness has an online community of over 10,000 members, with over 80 percent female and 85 percent of African-American descent. With regular meet-ups across the world (members live in three dozen countries and collectively have over 30,000 stamps in their passports), Robinson has cultivated a powerful community of upwardly mobile, urban travelers.

Having traveled to over 20 countries herself and lived on three different continents, Robinson knows a thing or two about maintaining a beauty regimen while wandering the globe. Fresh from her sold-out inaugural #NMDN ALTERnative Travel Conference in New York City last month, she shares her favorite lifestyle tips for being a woman on the move.

Coconut Oil

“Coconut Oil is the holy grail of everything beauty, inside and out. If you go around my apartment you'll find three jars: one in bathroom, one in the kitchen, and one in my bedroom. I cook with it in my food as an alternative to butter and less healthy oils. I use it on my skin instead of lotion. I do oil teeth pulls with it. Most importantly, I use it in my hair as a way to moisturize and seal my ends so they don't split while traveling. This is a daily go to.”

Three Ounce Bottles

“I call these three-ounce saviors. The small, empty bottles can be picked up at any Target or Duane Reade travel section. At about a dollar each, I buy six and separate my daily Shea Moisture Hair products into them for travel. I tend to travel standby and, even internationally, only travel with a carry-on bag, so these are key to me getting all my hair products through security.”


“So simple, yet so poignant. The body needs water to hydrate, especially in hotter destinations. It’s good for you, from top to bottom, and helps you lose weight. One of the first external attributes people notice of those who drink water is their skin. I average 64 ounces a day, as mandated by my ‘Eating 4 Abs’ coach, and my skin is the biggest indicator of when I'm on track or slipping.”

Appropriate Attire

“There are few things more unattractive while traveling than being in a country where you are inappropriately dressed. When visiting mosques, and the like, make sure you cover up. Not only can the wrong attire be inappropriate, it can be down right disrespectful in some places. Make sure you do your research prior, and have a few options for every scenario.”

Mix & Match

“Again, noting myself as a bit of a carry on queen, the key to packing and staying stylish in a carry-on is all about bringing pieces that are easily mixed and matched to create multiple outfits. Small quantity needs to meet multiple combinations.”