Serayah’s rise to Super Stardom
Serayah McNeil

She is right in the middle of the 2nd season of the massively successful television series “Empire” and working on music of her own,  that is set to be released in the upcoming months. All the while taking in all of the world wind success that has just recently come her way.  Serayah McNeil aka “Tiana Brown” is the sexy, up and coming R&B singer super star on the FOX hit show. Serayah talks all things “Empire” and recalls how quick her rise to super stardom was after landing her big break. 

 Hailing from Oceanside, a small town in San Diego County, Serayah was an everyday girl working hard and going to school full-time, while going on any modeling call that came her way. One day out of the blue, an ex-high school friend told her about this role that his mother happened to be looking to cast. Serayah took a chance and went out to the audition, ultimately landing her the supportive role in FOX breakout hit. The success and popularity of the show has been of epic proportion and a surreal experience for the rising singer/actress. Getting the opportunity work alongside seasoned veteran actors such as Taraji P. Henson and Terrence Howard, Serayah’s first encounters on set would be ones that will leave a lasting impression.

 “It was very relieving to know that there was other new talent as well as very experienced talent. When I got to really interact with some of the huge celebrities, it was a very humbling experience and I learn so much from them every day. Malik Yoba who played Vernon last season took me to the side and went over lines with me and gave me pointers. Those are things that I will never forget. I think that with being a celebrity and being such a hugely impactful person in the world, you have the greatest responsibility to do that kind of stuff, and that’s what I want to do and that kind of Stuff is really inspiring”.

Serayah doesn’t just get work alongside major motion picture stars.  With the huge musical component of the show, she also gets to work with music giants such as the super producer Timbaland, who is one of the shows executive producers. 

“To be able to work with Timbaland and to be a part of his sound is something epic. He has such a distinct way of producing and to be a part of that was unreal. For him to be working with me and have such nice things to say about me, I couldn’t even handle all of the feelings that I felt because they came to me all at once.  I don’t know how to even explain it; it was just completely life changing”.

Serayah currently has her own music in the works and has even recorded new music with R&B star Neyo, which all should be released in her own EP in early in 2016.

One of the other central themes of Empire is the fierce fashion that is on display in every episode. Having her own unique and personal style, Serayah says there is a happy medium when it comes down to what she would like to wear versus what the vision is for her character. During the taping of season 2, Kanye West’s Yeezy collection was utilized heavily for her characters wardrobe and according the actress there are some super-dope wardrobe surprises ahead for the remainder of the season. As far as what’s next for her character Tiana’s on screen life, Serayah could not spill too many details but she did let us know that she is going to be involved in some things that are totally shocking and that will test her character’s toughness in many ways.

Be on the lookout for Serayah McNeil upcoming album and watch her every Wednesday at 9:00PM on FOX in the critically acclaimed series “Empire”. 


Written By: Danielle Renee Stedman 

Danielle Stedman is an up and coming writer, host and producer. Born in Jamaica, W.I. Danielle’s family migrated to the States in pursuit of achieving the American dream. Danielle grew up in Long Island NY, where she was exposed to the fast paced lifestyle, hustle and bustle of living in NY’s Tri-State area. Danielle moved to South Florida shortly after High School and made the decision to study Mass Communications at Nova Southeastern University in Ft. Lauderdale FL, where she earned her Bachelor’s degree and has resided since. While on a journey of self-discovery, Danielle found herself venturing into the worlds of Fashion Merchandising, Social Media Marketing, Music promotion, Not for Profit work and promotional writing for Radio and Television. Danielle now the proud founder of and the Miami Correspondent for and Fluff Magazine.