Top 10 Things You Need to Do for Homecoming!

It's that time of the year again when you buy a new outfit to go back to your Alma Mater; it's Homecoming Season! 

1.  Decide who you are going to your homecoming with. Is it your best friend? Old college roommate or new boyfriend? Your homecoming companion is crucial to your tailgate turnup! 

2. Bangs, new color, long flowing hair? Your hair style is the first step to your homecoming ensemble. Try Indique Hair if you want to add to your do.

3. College sweatshirt or on trend flannel? Casual cool or Rent the Runway chic? Visit Pinterest to find inspiration for your perfect outfit.

4. Renting a booth or RV? Plan ahead so you can divide costs among your friends! 

5. After the show is the after party... You traveled to your school, check out the lounge events for your class. 

6. College & Universities always have large renovations before Alumni attend homecoming. Be sure to visit your student center to see where your contributions have gone to! 

7. Research on campus homecoming events beforehand. You don't want to miss the step show! 

8. Find out the designated hotel for your school. They usually have dedicated discounts.

9. Don't miss your Alumni mixer! Free cocktails are always a plus

10. Visit your old dorm & recreate your freshman year pic with your friends!