I've been obsessed with home decor blogs lately and the common accessory in each beautiful posting are the Diptyque candles. Theses candles are either displayed beautifully on their own, or repurposed as a vase! Nordstrom is a retailer of the Diptyque candles, but I needed to understand the brand behind these home smell goods!

 source: lomurphy.com

source: lomurphy.com

Founded in Paris in 1961 by Christiane Gautrot (an interior designer), Desmond Knox-Leet (a painter) and Yves Coueslant (a theater director and set designer). This trio first started out displaying their artwork and would randomly sell traditional English perfumes. 

About the Design:
"The oval labels echo the shape of an 18th-century medallion, a pattern found on the Prétorien fabric designed by Desmond Knox-Leet in 1963: The broad oval pattern suggests the shields of ancient Rome. It is an emblematic shape, perpetually reinvented and found on all products made by diptyque. The oval is the signature shape of the eaux de toilette bottles and the white porcelain candleholders of the 34 boulevard saint germain line, as well as the scented ovals and solid perfumes. While the dancing letters are a signature of the ovals in the home collection, the back labels of the Eaux de Toilette and Eaux de Parfum shows an illustration of each scent.
The oval label is found on the eaux de toilette bottles and candles." diptyque.com

Understanding the Candle:

"In order to unleash the perfect effect, each candle is a blend of first-class waxes specifically amalgamated and assessed when hot and cold by wax experts. Every scent is blended to reach the right melting temperature. Candles contain 8 to 9 mineral waxes, and on occasion a few plant-based waxes to enhance them." diptyque.com

The Diptyque candles range from $30 to $60. It is definitely worth the investment!