Like every year, fans, fashionistas, and girlfriends all gather around the television and anticipate celebrity looks on the “Red Carpet”.  This year, at the 87th Annual Academy Awards, it was nothing short of glamorous, elegance, and pure fashion from our favorite celebs. This year, there was a huge hair trend with the low sleek bun.  

Some of the best beauty looks at the 2015 Oscar’s included, Zoe Saldana, Margot Robbie and Kerry Washington.  We all expected to see sleek pony’s, beach wave hair to the side and classic looks for the biggest award show of the season. Meanwhile, Zendaya broke the beauty pattern giving us long, luscious locks down to her waist. 

Faux locs are in! When Ciara stepped on the scene blasting an instagram post of her long locs, it spread like wild flowers and we’ve also seen celebrities like Kylie Jenner showing off her locs as well, via instagram. Now Zendaya has taken it to the next level by wearing them on the red carpet twisted into a half-up, over-the-shoulder style. She also added stylish jewels to give a bohemian vibe. 

Faux locs are not only gorgeous but are becoming a huge fashion trend everywhere.  If you are thinking of wearing this look, here are some tips and pointers to remember:

  1. It can be Temporary or Permanent: We all remember the sweet Denise Huxtable and how she returned back to the Cosby show with her natural locs. She wore natural, permanently locked hair and still continues to embrace them today.  Temporary locs is a protective hair style that intertwines the natural hair with synthetic hair, which allows versatility. This form usually lasts up to three months with proper care.
  2. Choose Your Color Wisely: With any type of protective styling and weaving, be sure to choose the right color for you! Always consider the weather and season.  For example, the summer is always a great time to add a splash of color in your everyday hairstyle.
  3. Choose a Good Length:  Always remember that the longer the locs, the heavier the hair.  You always want to be sure that the length of the hair is just right and manageable for you.
  4. Selecting the Right Texture:  Keep in mind, the goal is to have the locs to look as natural as possible. When using human hair or even synthetic hair, always get a professional opinion from a licensed cosmetologist, to ensure you achieve the best results. The most popular hair used, is synthetic hair simply because it comes in various textures and is more flexible.
  5. Hair Care:  Faux locs are considered a protective style used to give your natural hair a break from everyday wears.  Remember to moisturize, wash, condition, and use plenty of oil on your scalp.
  6. Confidence:  The most important thing to remember is to feel confident and beautiful at all times. Whatever hairstyle you choose to wear, rock it with the best accessory of all, confidence!

We loved Zendaya’s look and believe that she truly embraced her locs with elegance and class! Stay tuned because we fully expect to see more stars rocking this style come Summer as an alternative to box braids and Senegalese twists.