Sisters Are Doin’ It For Themselves

It was a matter of time before the unprecedented success of Keeping Up With The Kardashians spilled over into international replicas of the show.
Whether you acknowledge it or not, Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian have influenced an entire generation of young women; younger sisters Kendall and especially Kylie included. Middle Eastern females in particular have taken to the Armenian-American family as ambassadors of beauty and now a trio of stunning Lebanese siblings have debuted their own reality series, The Sisters.
Alice, Nadine and Farah Abdel Aziz became popular through their joint Instagram account, Style In Beirut (@StyleInBeirut) described as a “daily dose of the latest trends and style ideas in Beirut and all over the world.” Unabashed Kardashian fans, the sisters even mirror their idols in terms of age and persona: the eldest, Alice, is a graduate of the Lebanese American University and runs their business ventures in a way similar to Kourtney, middle sister Nadine is like Kim as she’s a fashion model and most famous of the three (she’s even labeled #ThePrettiest in the show promos) while youngest sibling Farah is playful and lighthearted like Khloe.

Alice took to Instagram prior to the show’s debut to shed more light on its concept. “Our aim is to show the whole world how Lebanese women are smart, stylish and beautiful. We want to show [people] Lebanon is not just a country struggling with issues, but Beirut is and will always be the Paris of the Middle East.”

The Sisters launched on Lebanese television channel LBC this month to mixed reviews. Fans are excited to watch the Abdel Aziz’s for the same reasons the Kardashian’s rose to fame: looks, wealth and fashion. Critics on the other hand have taken to the station’s Facebook page to express their disapproval. One viewer wrote, “My entire life I've struggled against the stereotype of Lebanese women being shallow and stupid. Have some respect for your own people and don't give airtime to mindless TV like this. The sisters are ridiculous and not in the least bit entertaining.”
Watch the show’s trailer and judge for yourself:

By Simone Amelia

Simone "Boss Lady" Amelia is a media personality from Sydney, Australia based in New York City. She's best known for her love of hip-hop culture, empowering young women and proudly representing her Middle Eastern heritage.