Fashion Trends Empire- 2015

The new smash hit, television series Empire just ended, and everyone is raving about Ms. Cookie Lyon’s wardrobe! As summer is vastly approaching, it’s time to pull out those hot fashion trends of 2015 and who not better to start off with other than Empire’s own Cookie Lyon.

This season we saw funky, fresh, yet fashionable trends from Cookie and she is definitely leading off the runway for 2015. Black and white combos have always been fashions go, this summer it is still trending. In a complicated fashion world, there’s nothing more simple, yet classic than black and white. This year you will see organized black and white combos in stripes, grids, and gingham. 

Another fashion vibe you can expect to see this summer is one-shoulder cut outs. Last year we seen plenty of off the shoulder, but this year expect to see the one shoulder cut out silhouette dresses! Don’t think you can’t take this look straight from day to night or from the office to the streets.  Accent your one shoulder dress or top with a blazer for the office and pull it off at night! In this episode of empire we seen cookie with her silhouette one shoulder dress attending dinner for a classic, yet chic look.  


When summer arrives, fashion gurus will be pulling out those all white looks. Linen pants, white dresses, and all white is a fashion yes for the summer! Accent your white with lots of jewels and accessories. Sometimes all white can be a little boring and what not better to give it some sparkle with gold accessories temporary gold dust tattoos. At the beach or at night, either way all white is still a classic. 

Who does love floral from spring to summer, floral print is not just a 70s look but it is taking us all the way to 2015.  Nothing says fresh like a beautiful, colorful print look. Even if the look is minimized in a floral accent jewel, or a floral one piece dress hitting all the right spots, the floral concept has never looked more boldly feminine. Yes, Cookie already did it in an episode of Empire and it is here to stay! 

With the success of the Empire series, fans are all looking forward to season 2 and women are looking forward to seeing a new fashion runway from Cookie Lyon!

By Andrea Haynes