Are you looking for a way to WOW your house guests? Then this is for you. It's typical when guests visit to offer something to drink: juice, water, wine, perhaps a cup of coffee. Imagine being able to offer your company a creamy vanilla latte or a velvety cappuccino, instead of just a regular cup of coffee from your automatic single brewer. You can do just that with this hot home improvement trend: the at-home coffee bar. 

Check out these inspiration photos to get you started. We've also compiled a list of items that you might need:

  • Bar: Repurposed utility cart, unused kitchen counter space or console table, mini fridg
  • Coffee Makers: Espresso machine and steamer, grinder (multiple settings), coffee pot, french press or clever
  • Ingredients:  Espresso beans, coffee beans, milk, creamer, sweetener, flavored syrups, cocoa, cinnamon, nutmeg
  • Decor: Chalkboard, shelves, decorative mugs