Heating Things Up

With the hotter months finally approaching, it’s time to prepare for exotic getaways and fabulous summer style. New York City based stylist Erika Nunez, who’s worked with artists like Trey Songz, television shows like America’s Got Talent and corporate clients as varied as Unilever, AARP and Joe’s Crab Shack, gives us the low down on the season’s must-have essentials.

“First and foremost, a passport is definitely needed to be able to hop on and hop off of those Boeing jets landing on the different terrains of this beautiful world we live in. Sign up for yours at your local post office ASAP! 

“Once you have that, I imagine you’ll be traveling to warm and sunny climates. Nick Fouquet creates some of the most stylish hats a lady can own. I always like to add an element of masculine to my femininity, and hats also eliminate the need for shades. Grab one at www.nickfouquet.com and relax as a diva should! 


“I imagine you’ll be spending a lot of time in the sun that your skin will need to be fully hydrated. I really like to use Glam Glow moisturizer for a lightweight, healthy glow. This stuff is like crack in a jar and you can pick it up from Sephora. 


“While you're on Sephora’s website, go ahead and grab a fragrance that brings all the boys or girls to the yard! Personally, BOND NO 9 has a ton of fragrances I like that also blend well with fragrances I already own. It costs a pretty penny ,however Sephora also has a plethora of other options, so take your pick!"

“Lastly, that passport of yours should have you outside of your comfort zone and you should be prepared to get familiar with new surroundings. I suggest a good pair of stylish sneakers that can be worn with everything, and I mean everything. I have a classic pair of Adidas ‘Stan Smiths’ on reserve for my travels and for BBQs, so find your size and snag a pair.

“Cheers to a fun-filled summer. Catch y’all at the airport!”


Simone "Boss Lady" Amelia is a media personality from Sydney, Australia based in New York City. She's best known for her love of hip-hop culture, empowering young women and proudly representing her Middle Eastern heritage.