Fresh Dressed

Here at Fluff, our mantra is to capture the lifestyles of global movers and shakers who love sharing their inspirations, aspirations and of course, great taste in fashion and entertainment. Hip-hop culture has shaped so much of our personal style over the years and a new film being released this summer pays tribute to the force that is “urban fashion.”

Directed by my dear friend and mentor Sacha Jenkins, Fresh Dressed is an inside look at the evolution of hip-hop and the trailblazing wardrobe choices that have accompanied it. Premiering at the Sundance Film Festival to critical acclaim, notable rap style icons like Diddy, Kanye West, Pharrell Williams and more are exclusively interviewed. Kanye boasts in the film’s just-released trailer: "Being fresh is more important than having money. I only wanted money so that I could be fresh."

Be sure to support Fresh Dressed when it hits cinemas in select cities on June 26.

Simone "Boss Lady" Amelia is a media personality from Sydney, Australia based in New York City. She's best known for her love of hip-hop culture, empowering young women and proudly representing her Middle Eastern heritage.