Hot Bathroom Trends

“I like my money right where I can see it . . . hanging in my closet,” said Carrie Bradshaw in the hit series turned movie Sex in the City. But these days’ women are putting less effort in the shopping malls and spending more money in home décor! Back in the 50s & 60s women were most seen in their kitchens and took pride in the room that was designed for them. Now, times have changed and bathrooms are the new hot room in the home.

Surprisingly, bathrooms are adding much more value to homes and its resale value. These rooms can be designed uniquely with a stylish Mediterranean feel or even a warm natural look, either way here are some of the hottest bathroom trends and designs of 2015.

1.      Mediterranean-style. Geometrical shapes in an open space.

2.       Smart Water.  We all have seen the trends from basic shower heads to basin faucets and even the most popular, rain shower heads. But can you believe that the rain shower heads are done, people are now investing in soaking tubs.  They are said, “the deeper the better”. Not only the deeper but the bigger and it must be a free standing tub. The tub is used as the center piece to the rest of your bathroom and helps with a little R&R.

3.       Entertainment. Add a simple plasma T.V above your new freestanding tub to assist in your downtime.

4.      Natural Elements. Natural beauty of the bathroom should not reflect the normal modern look but instead, add more wooden shades and natural tones to create a warm environment. Create your luxury, now spa room, using onyx counter tops or even try using the walnut-plank as an accent wall. Anything to help draw more natural light in will help give you that calming nature vibe.

5.      Color and accent walls. White is a common color in the bathroom, so instead attempt to do delicate greys. 

6.      Light it up. Yes, a simple chandelier will give any room that palace feeling but out with the old and in with the new. When remodeling you have to remember that bathrooms are fixed and once you design something into the wall or in the floor they will be there for a long time, so remember to choose something general yet stylish that will never go out of date. In 2015, you will see a lot of different lighting sources for a variety of mood-settings. LED lighting has been popular but to play safe use lighting that can be set to high, low, or in between.

7.      Heat Options. Instead of the norm, people are installing heated floors, towel racks, as well as fire features in their master bathrooms.