Don’t Waste Your Pretty

                                                                                          Don’t Waste Your Pretty


Bravo Reality Star, Blogger, and Life Coach, Demetria Lucas- D’Oyley sat down with Fluff Miami’s contributor during an appearance at the Rosa Regale ”Scandalicious” Watch Party. The visit to Miami was a pit stop on her tour for her new book “Don’t Waste Your Pretty: The Go-To-Guide for Making Smarter Decisions in Life & Love”. The proclaimed “Black Carrie Bradshaw” gave sound advice to all Women and men who are looking for love, and passed on some insight into what inspired her to write another book on relationships and life.


Having more than a decade of experience and research in the relationship realm, Lucas- D’Oyley is a former relationship editor of Essence Magazine, and has interviewed thousands of Men and Women on relationships in the past four years.  This practice serves with being able to offer a plethora of perceptive advice for anyone out there in the dating arena. After receiving over 40,000 online questions about relationships, Demetria decided to take the top 250 reoccurring questions from her blog “A Belle in Brooklyn “ and concentrate on meeting the needs of her readers and their commonalities.  She outlined the book from start to finish, covering an array of topics ranging from “How Do I Meet People”, “How to Form a Relationship”, “How to Ask for What I want” and “Red Flags”, to name few. She credits a lot of her success as a Life Coach and Author to just getting out there and talking to people. She speaks with experts and elders a like, who have the knowledge and life experience to assist in areas that she may not necessarily have the answers to in  both her professional and personal life. With her vast experience with speaking with Men over the years, Demetria has a respectable understanding of how they think, and has a good command on the sometimes contrasting views of both Men and Women.


This “Brooklyn Belle” offers up her extraordinary gift of being able to relate and identify the struggles and issues that both Men and Women face in the Dating World and in Life. Without even breaking a sweat she extends a much needed hand to those out there in the field, working to find love and companionship, while dealing with the dilemmas and heartbreak that come with trying to attain and build a healthy relationship.


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Written By: Danielle Stedman

IG: @Danirenee21

Danielle Stedman is an up and coming writer, host and producer. Born in Jamaica, W.I. Danielle’s family migrated to the States in pursuit of achieving the American dream. Danielle grew up in Long Island NY, where she was exposed to the fast paced lifestyle, hustle and bustle of living in NY’s Tri-State area. Danielle moved to South Florida shortly after High School and made the decision to study Mass Communications at Nova Southeastern University in Ft. Lauderdale FL, where she earned her Bachelor’s degree and has resided since. While on a journey of self-discovery, Danielle found herself venturing into the worlds of Fashion Merchandising, Social Media Marketing, Music promotion, Not for Profit work and promotional writing for Radio and Television. Danielle now the proud founder of and the Miami Correspondent for and Fluff Magazine.