Lisa Nicole-Cloud talks “Married to Medicine”

                        Lisa Nicole-Cloud talks “Married to Medicine”


The upcoming season premiere of the hit Bravo show “Married to Medicine” is set to air on Sunday, June 7, 2015 at 9:00 PM, and there seems to be no shortage of drama this season from these Atlanta women. Fluff got a chance to get a one on one interview with one of the stars of this Hit show, Lisa Nicole-Cloud, who is the wife of emergency physician Dr. Darren Naugles and a powerhouse in her own right. Lisa Nicole is a renowned Author, Direct Sales Trainer, Business-Success Coach, Speaker, Philanthropist and Clothing Designer, Oh and did I mention a mother of two beautiful children. With an ample amount of things on this Atl Divas plate, she also finds the time to spearhead the 5th Annual Conference for the “Women’s Empowerment Network” , which she founded as an outlet in support of and for women who are looking to grow personally, professionally, financially and spiritually. WEN has begun intensifying its reach by branching out into a 6 city tour, which is set to hit New York, New Orleans, Miami, Raleigh, Boston and California this summer.

Lisa Nicole often prides herself of promoting positivity and supporting “Girl Power” but this season of “Married to Medicine” test her will for being an advocate for Women’s empowerment and amicable alliances. During our interview she touched on some of the conflict that ensues between herself and one of her notoriously confrontational cast-mates, Quad Webb-Lunceford.

“The one cast member that builds her storyline around controversy, she came for me”. When Lisa Nicole was asked if she thinks that she was specifically targeted by Quad this season, her response was, “Every season she always has some kind of conflict with someone that keeps her relevant in her mind, and so usually her conflict is with a person that you would least expect her to be in conflict with, so this season it was me. There are certain things that you just don’t do, you don’t mess with someone’s family, you don’t mess with their children, you don’t mess with their spouse and when I say mess with them, I mean if you go after them and attack them and things that you say on camera. It’s kind of like an unspoken rule, we don’t do that because those individuals have nothing to do with our contract. So she went for my family and that’s a “No fly zone” for me, if you mess with my family, you are going to get a reaction”. What that reaction was is something that we’ll have to wait to see once the season airs.

When asked if there was any lesson learned through her conflict with Quadd, she resonded “Hurt People, Hurt People”. Lisa Nicole is an optimistic who says that To stay and dwell in a negative situation is not healthy or good, and you know when thing come to a head, you have to figure out the lesson you are supposed to learn in the situation and move on in a positive and productive way, and that’s what I did this season”. Despite the drama with herself and Quadd, Lisa Nicole makes it clear that this Season of “Married to Medicine” is REAL and there are a lot of personal and authentic situations that each cast member will reveal about their lives and daily struggles.


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