Vivienne Westwood Celebrates 150 Years Of "Alice In Wonderland"

As a child, fashion icon Vivienne Westwood gleefully traveled down the rabbit hole with absolutely no plans of returning.

“It’s just such genius!” the designer said about Lewis Carroll's time-honored tale Alice In Wonderland during a Mad Hatter’s Tea party at her London store to celebrate the special edition of the book she's produced with Vintage Classics. “It’s so brilliant. It is really subversive of official opinion and official attitudes to children. Our world is the world we make it.”

Westwood has created a cover that features her harlequin print and an image of Alice. She has also written the introduction to the book and added several pages about her views on capitalism, the environment, sustainable energy and activism to the new edition.

“Kids! Never become complacent,” Westwood wrote in her introduction. “The world we think we know reflects the way we are conditioned to see it. Maybe it’s not like that at all."

Published by Vintage Classics and illustrated by John Tenniel, the 348-page hardback is priced at 15 pounds, or $22 at current exchange, and can be purchased from the Vivienne Westwood store and online.