Meet Legendary Damon

Name: Legendary Damon

Occupation: Curator of Culture

Years in the Industry: Since Birth


Q: Everyone wants to know who DAMON is? Where were you born, where did you grow up, how did you become Legendary?

I proudly tell everyone that I was born and raised in Detroit. I love being raised in Detroit, because growing up in the Midwest it instilled in me good values and it taught me to work hard. I brought those skills with me to NY when I moved here at 18. I feel that I was born to be legendary. 

Q: "You're not on the list!" is one of your most famous tag lines. How did this come about? 

The tagline came about very simply. I do lot of events and work the door.  People always know someone and want to get in and I constantly have to say “You’re not on the List”. When I am working an event I am charged with a specific task of making sure the right people are in the room.  It is usually invite only and exclusive, so by the end of the night I have said “You’re not on the List” repeatedly so it just stuck.  

Q:  Fur & Sequins, what are your fashion musts when hosting your star studded events?

My fashion musts are gold teeth.  My goat to favorites are furs, sequins anything shiny.  Also a little Versace never hurt anybody.

Q: Do you feel like the party scene has changed over the years? If so, what's missing?

Yes, it has changed as is should. Evolution is an amazing thing.   I don’t want to be doing the same party that I was doing 10 years ago.   There is nothing missing from the scene.   I feel like I am here still doing amazing parties in NY city.

Q: If you were left on an island and could only bring three items, what would they be and why?

My gold teeth, music and Versace shades.   These are items that I can’t live without!