Revolt T.V. is a digital network that highlights and provides multi-genre, culture, music news, videos and artists interviews.  Revolt T.V., created by P. Diddy launched in October of 2013. It is used to create a platform for the best of the best in music and music television.  Already, Revolt T.V. has taken over the social music scene by gaining over 50 million young viewers all over the nation.  As the Revolt Nation team continues to take the road, their next stop is Dallas Texas, with guest host Kenny Burns and sounds by the sexy, up and rising hottest female Dj, DJ Duffey.

Revolt Nation is a nationwide tour looking for all new fresh artists with a hidden talent and a unique sound. Revolt Nation will be traveling city to city to introduce the brand as being the new number one name for music television, stopping specifically in Dallas to hear sounds by DJ Duffey and making a name for Revolt Nation.

DJ Duffey, a former D1 basketball player, took Dallas by storm in the course of 1 year. During that year, she became one of the most wanted DJs, known as “I Want Dj Duffey”. Expanding her career so rapidly, she has traveled as far as Turks and Caicos and to the 2015 All Star Weekend in NYC.  Duffey has created her own sound, along with her own brand, and creating her own success. “Some people sit back and wait for their dreams to come true and some people go out there and make their dreams come true… I’m sure you can tell what type of person I am,” says Duffey.

As the Revolt Nation tour continues, it makes a stop to Texas with guest host Kenny Burns at the kick off of  the new hot spot of the season, Travis Thursdays. Burns and Revolt nation kicked off the night at Travis, setting the atmosphere to the unique mix by Dj Duffey.  Burns rocked the mic, giving the crowd the true definition of Revolt Nation, telling Duffey, “You got next!”

For live appearances and sounds from DJ Duffey, visit her website at  Revolt T.V. is available on Time Warner Cable, Comcast, Verizon FiOS, CenturyLink and Suddenlink in 46 of the top 50 U.S. markets and