Being a 24-7 fashionista can be tough on your mind, body & soul. It's difficult to take time out to create the perfect ritual. But what if I told you that there is a company that provides EVERYTHING you need to make you feel like you stepped out of a spa?  RITUALS, a global brand inspired by nature, provides products for home & body. So how can you incorporate RITUALS into your daily routine? Here's how I did...

Morning Prep for Work: 

I showered using the Sakura Spring body wash. This was incredibly refreshing and allowed for me to not have to drench my body in oil afterwards. This unique body wash is an oil that transforms to foam, which hydrates your skin and protects your tan! 

It's no secret that I wear hair extensions. I decided to shampoo my BOUNCE Beach Wave with the Samurai Cool Hair. This shampoo is enriched with Japanese Mint. It cooled my scalp and made my hair feel fresh, not to mention the shine it left on my natural hair and extensions. 

I never know what my day is going to consist of at work. A celeb may drop by or I might have to attend an impromptu video Skype session. I must always be camera ready. To achieve a flawless look, I used RITUALS concealer, foundation, pressed powder, mascara, and lipstick (combined with my own makeup) to create my look! I didn't have time for a mani, so I placed RITUALS nail polish in cherry into my bag. 

During Work:

In order to create the perfect office zen, I used RITUALS scented candles to set the tone. The office smelled like a spa and created the perfect ora. 


Time for Bed:

RITUALS offers a plethora of products for anti aging and for healthy skin. 25 and older? It's best to get into a great routine now to enhance your gorgeous skin! 

Create your routine with RITUALS today! Click here for their site.