With the general population being more picture obsessed than they once were and people, women in particular, looking to be seen as “picture perfect” as possible for social media and while on their day to day routine, the pressure mounds to make women’s makeup  something right out of a magazine, Fluff Magazine preferably.  With help from the expert makeup artist LeAndra France, we got the pro’s guide to keeping your face photo ready for anyone aiming to create the perfect visual effect that looks flawless on or off camera.


Name the top five makeup mistakes that unexperienced MUA’s or DIY gals make on a day to day basis?

1.  Using the wrong colors foundations and concealers. I see this a lot, either the colors are too dark or too red or pale .It is important to know undertones of the skin and match them with a concealer that hides imperfections, as opposed highlighting them.

2. Not blending makeup enough, leaving marks of demarcation at the jaw line and not applying
foundation and powders around the hairline and eyebrows are a hug No-No.

3. Misapplication of mascara is another pet peeve. One must always apply mascara on all the hairs of the lashes and making sure they apply mascara from the base of the eyelash, all the way to the top of the lash. A major mistake is when some ladies only apply mascara from the middle of the lash, to the tip which can make the lashes look very sparse.

4. I like to call it one stop contour. Not knowing your face’s shape can be a big problem, I see woman contouring and highlight every face the same way….it isn't a one technique fits all kind of deal. Everyone’s bone structure is unique and we all don't need to hollow out our cheekbones and slim our noses. Too much contouring and using the wrong technique can look very unflattering.

5. Using mineral makeup products is not a great idea. These products contain Mica, a mineral that can make your skin appear oily and very shiny, especially when the photographer’s light and flash hit it.

  What do you recommend doing to ensure that a face photographs well?

1.  Sometimes photographers lighting can be too little bright on the skin’s pigment and it in turn makes the model look very pale or ashy. It is best to darken your foundation a shade and blend it on to the ears, neck and décolletage.

*Trick of the Trade: If you get foundation on the hairline use a small amount of rubbing alcohol on a paper towel to wipe it off gently.

2. Using lots of shimmer and glitter is a HUGE faux pas. Glitters and shimmery products make the skin appear very shiny, or wet when the flash and lighting hit it.  Professionals call these shiny areas, Hot spots. We often recommend using matte makeup because matte makeup products won't reflect any light on camera.

*Trick of the Trade: Not using a setting powder is a big mistake. Apply setting powder to the forehead, nose and chin to avoid excess shine. Setting powders are great for protecting your foundation and concealers and keeps your beautiful makeup from melting under the hot photography lights or sun. So the more the better just make sure to pat and blend very well

3.Skin care is very important! Foundations and concealers can emphasize the look of dehydrated cracking skin and wrinkles it’s always best to do a mini facial before shoot. Doing light exfoliation on your face and lips while using of a good moisturizer and primer will help your makeup blend into your skin allowing your makeup to look flawless.

No that your camera ready and have all the tips you need to guarantee that you look your best on camera, it time to delete the filter apps and embrace the instructions that will promise perfection when it comes to makeup application for photos.


For more info on Makeup Artist LeAndra France visit her website: www.leandrafrance.com

Danielle Stedman is an up and coming writer, host and producer. Born in Jamaica, W.I. Danielle’s family migrated to the States in pursuit of achieving the American dream. Danielle grew up in Long Island NY, where she was exposed to the fast paced lifestyle, hustle and bustle of living in NY’s Tri-State area. Danielle moved to South Florida shortly after High School and made the decision to study Mass Communications at Nova Southeastern University in Ft. Lauderdale FL, where she earned her Bachelor’s degree and has resided since. While on a journey of self-discovery, Danielle found herself venturing into the worlds of Fashion Merchandising, Social Media Marketing, Music promotion, Not for Profit work and promotional writing for Radio and Television. Danielle now the proud founder of Danirenee21.com and the Miami Correspondent for CocoaFab.com and Fluff Magazine.