Reese Witherspoon picks up hit book"Luckiest Girl Alive" for film production

A really good read can be hard to come by, but it might be time for you to drop by your local bookstore and pick up, "Luckiest Girl Alive" by Jessica Knoll. I won't give you too much info about it, but to quickly give an overview the main character is TifAni FaNelli, a girl who survived to get to the top, literally. She's a writer (of course) for a highly sought after publication and has the Wall Street Fiancé to match. However, there's one thing she has on her plate that could change everything, and guess what it is? Sorry, I can't tell you so you'll just have to read the book.  I recently closed the final page and I must say the story line escalated quickly, kept me intrigued, and was just the right amount of suspense.

If you're someone that doesn't exactly enjoy reading (no judging zone) I'm happy to report to you that Reese Witherspoon's production company has picked up the summer hit and will be turning it into a movie. It sounds to me like, Jessica Knoll is the obvious luckiest girl alive.