Bouncy Blowout

Yes, you can get a smooth, voluminous salon-worthy look right at home!

Here are some steps on how to get your bouncy blowout:

1. After you have washed your hair apply a conditioning primer spray from roots to end.
2. Using your fingers, dry your hair until its damp. But focus mainly on the roots. If you have curly hair you can skip this step.
3. Starting at the nape of your neck and working up, blow-dry your hair in 2 sections: Wrap each a round brush and bend ends under for movement.
4. Roll sections of hair into loops after blow drying. Be sure to secure them with clips and let them cool before unclipping.
5. For face-framing sections, hold the brush vertically and roll in as you blow-dry. Then remove the clips and tousle with fingers.
After following these steps, your blowout should be bouncy and voluminous!