Save The Date: Women's Freedom Conference

On October 25, 2015, the Women’s Freedom Conference, held in New York City, aims for the first time to specifically bring women of color from around the world together in one space.

Initially conceived as a “freedom march” that would convene thousands of women in one American city, the ladies behind this special event decided the platform would be more widely accessible if it was a digital conference live-streamed and watched from anywhere in the world. The Leadership Team and Advisory Board reads like a who’s who of powerful equality advocates and social media mavens including Jamilah Lemieux, Bee Quammie, Regan Gomez-Preston, Feminista Jones and Linda Sarsour.

The Women’s Freedom Conference’s goals include providing practical, real-world information from a diverse group of women and making this information available to as many people as possible. Participants will engage in conversations, seminars, and direct actions focused on the empowerment of women of color by building solidarity and promoting sisterhood.

Be sure to jot October 25 down in your diary and for more information, keep checking the event’s official site. Click here to donate to the cause and spread the word by following the event on Facebook and Twitter.