Minority Report

Fox’s highly anticipated sci-fi drama “Minority Report” starring Meagan Good is the TV adaptation of the 2002 Steven Spielberg film holding the same title, that is based on the works of writer Phillip K. Dick and starred Tom Cruise. The TV show is set to air on September 21, 2015 at 9PM. Meagan Good plays the hard-hitting police officer Lara Vega who is fighting hard to change the trajectory of murder visions that her partner Dash, played by Stark Stands, has been seeing in relation a set of  shocking crimes that are going to be committed in the year 2065. Despite a few hiccups, the duo finds a way to work together and set off on a mission to fight evil and become a change of justice in a future America.  Good plays the lead role in the prime-time sitcom, proving to be a force of nature, especially during the intense action scenes in the show. When I asked Meagan how she prepared for the demanding fight scenes, Goods replied “I have been working out hard for this role; I am in the gym twice a day and feel like I am in the best shape of my life because of it. I did a lot of my own stunts, I wasn’t able to do all of them unfortunately, and because the network wants to make sure we don’t get hurt”.  

Laura Vega or “Vega” as Good likes to call her, is a character that she takes great pride in playing and has learned a great deal from. She shares a lot of the same ideals as her character and they are both believers in living your purpose and believe that “the same type of energy you put into this world is exactly what you get back”, Vega and Good both believe that one person no matter what their circumstance has the ability to be the change in the world, no matter how crazy it sounds it is definitely possible. Vega as a character,seems to have many dimensions and comes across as hardcore,  in Meagan’s opinion, she uses the tough facade as a defense mechanism to protect herself from the pain of her past and thinks a lot of human beings can relate to this, "We all do it". As the series steps forward the audience will get to see a different side to Vega, “You will definitely get to see her more vulnerable side”, Good says. 

Having the lead role in a prime- time sitcom is a huge deal for African American actresses and I wanted to know how Meagan felt this role would influence the younger generations of actresses and women of color. Without a doubt she is proud that this role can show women that you don’t have to portray yourself in “a certain way” that you have other choices in roles, and can be seen as the heroine. Positively influencing the lives of young women is a cause that Good is enthusiastic about. “I am passionate about young women, I want to show them that you can be strong and independent on your own, you don’t always need a man. A man is a gift and how to treat them as a gift is important”, ultimately proving to young women that you can stand on your own two feet first without needing a man to define you.  Good has been married to motivational speaker and pastor Devon Franklin for over 3 years and works collaboratively on joint film projects.

Other Projects in the works...

The next big thing up for Good is the film “A Girl like Grace”. The coming of age movie that Good produced and co-stars in, is set to be released in select theaters across the country in the upcoming months and is making its debut to mixed reviews. The film is about a teenage girl who struggles with bullying and her sexuality, while also dealing with instability at home. Good plays her charismatic older sister, who takes Grace under her wing to help explore her personal relationships that could be much more than just friendships. The film is directed by Ty Hodges, stars Rayven-Symone, Garcelle Beauvais and up and coming leading lady Ryan Destiny. “I worked very hard on this film and am proud of”.

Be sure to check out “Minority Report” on Fox, airing September 21 and “A Girl Like Grace”, hitting select theaters soon.

To see the Minority Report trailer visit : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_fLl-DMzxrk


Written By: Danielle Stedman                                                                                                                                                   






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