The Sexiest Lipstick Ever Has Finally Arrived

Christian Louboutin continues to outdo himself, this time with his exquisite new range of lip colors.

After building an empire with his coveted red soles, Louboutin made a splash with his signature nail lacquer (who can forget seeing that striking bottle for the first time?). When launching the line the designer dramatically noted, “The red sole was born from red nail polish. I am giving back to beauty what the shoes took from the nails many years ago.”

Now the celebrated French originator is debuting 38 shades of lipstick for the fall, packaged in the most dramatic jeweled cylinders that double as necklaces. There are three textures to choose from—Silky Satin, Velvet Matte and Sheer Voile—and all the shades are inspired by the brand's iconic shoes and bags.

Priced at $90.00 (steep, but you already know what to expect if you're a fan of the man's work) the lipsticks are currently available at Christian Louboutin's official site.