Introducing: Shades By GAL Cosmetics

If you support women of color breaking out on their own to start their dream business, new make-up line Shades By GAL is for you.

Grace Ann Long [a.k.a. "GAL"] is a 30-year-old New York mother and entrepreneur who created her line as a tribute to diversity. Her mission is to "bridge the race and face gap by bringing beauty and empowerment to every ethnicity" and "enhance individual appearance and self-esteem in all women through products and colors that will complement women everywhere with beauty in every shade."

Professional make-up artist Tad Greene incorporated a number of GAL products into a recent look for me during New York Fashion Week. He says of the Super Gel Eyeliner in "Noble" [$15.99], which contains Vitamin E and jojoba oil: "This was my favorite! It was extremely creamy and the color was very vibrant." Of the Safari Mineral Bronzer [$18.99] which is hypoallergenic and paraben-free: "I loved the cool tone that brightened the skin quite nicely" and finally, the Super Gloss in "Pomegranate" [$16.50"] a.k.a. the Wonder Wand: "This gloss was light, not too sticky, and perfect for a sheer coloring on top of the lips."

To view the full range of Shades By GAL Cosmetics, head to the official site.