Winter-Fy Your Mane

Let’s face it winter can be a killer on our hair. Here are some tips to help protect your hair this season: 

1)      Protect It: Protective styles like sew ins or braids can help to protect your hair from breakage in the winter. When your natural hair is tucked away, bring your Indique hair out to play! It can stand up to the harsh elements such as wind, snow or rain!

2)      Deep Condition It: Heated areas such as home or the office can dry out your hair.  Help restore its moisture by using a great deep conditioner or moisturizer.

3)      Use Less Heat: With heated areas already drawing moisture from your hair it’s key to keep heated tools to a minimum. Winter is an ideal season to practice setting techniques like wet sets, pin curls and wraps, none of which require heat to style your hair.


Happy Styling!