Why You Should Create Your Own Trends

1. Celebrities Do It

Everyone is dying to jump on the latest Yeezy season and Rhianna’s latest obsession. Truth of the matter is most celebrities act on their creative impulses while some of us take the less courageous route. Rhianna told Vouge magazine about her inspiration for her latest Fenty x Puma release that had the whole world buzzing. “But I didn’t want it to be super-bubbly, so I kept it a bit street—everything was super-sporty and definitely highly influenced by 18th-century French culture, and the style of that time, mainly Marie Antoinette, and the Palace of Versailles. She just had this regal way about her, and everything she did was big. I wanted to mix that in with sport. I thought it would be a challenge, and it was!” With Rhianna’s courage to share her vision with the world, Spring 2017 fashion will be heavily influenced. 

2. Everyone Has That One Outfit

Every person has that one outfit that they love, but never wear it. Every time they think they have enough courage to wear it or the perfect event has finally presented itself, they chicken out. Majority of the reason why people chicken out is simply because they fear what other people will say or the looks they will receive. Another reason people never let the outfit see the light of day is because they are too afraid to flourish. Though some may not think they identify with reason number two, the next time you put together a self expressive masterpiece, pay close attention to the little voice in your head and you may be surprised. Either way, the key words here are “self expression”, its free and it’s your natural born right, so let your light shine. 

3. D.I.Y opportunities

If looking like you walked out of the hottest boutique is an issue for you, D.I.Y statement pieces are a great solution. Do it yourself projects give you the opportunity to be more cost effective and allow your favorite trends be a reflection of your creative style. A popular D.I.Y right now is the D.I.Y. Yeezy Heels and D.I.Y. Denim Boots. Shay Cherise also known as "Thenuvouge" on instagram has been influencing many women around the world as her D.I.Y. Yeezy heels went viral. This do it yourself project gives women a chance to rock the style with their own twist and not break their pockets. Making your own boots is only one way to exhibit your skills, do it yourself is a wide open field to completely create your own fashion trends. 

4. You Never Know Who Is Watching

In the time of social media, narcissist, copy cats, and free thinkers people are receiving inspiration from everyone and everything. At any moment you can post a picture on your favorite social media platform wearing your own fashion statement and go viral. Viral may be a long stretch, but you never know who is watching. With that being said, don’t let your fashion fears be the barrier between you and your next Forever 21 campaign or simply an inspiration to someone who is experiencing the same issues. 

5. Bring Back Your Favorite Style

Trends are changing faster than one can get presentable for an impromptu factime call. So if there is a trend that has come and gone or even one you admire from the 20’s, feel free to bring it back with your own twist. Who would have thought regular people would be wearing full colored wigs like Lil Kim did back in the day? Fashion influencer Darrin Wallace also known as “Dvrrrin” on Instagram makes any trend look great. Many would agree that Fubu Jerseys and Adidas Soccer Pants have taken the back seat. However, Darrin slit the knees of his soccer pants spicing up the outfit a bit, and wore the jersey with confidence and it became a Instagram hit.

 Honestly, there is no such thing as “out of style” when you put your own creative spin on a piece because now it has become your style and unique is always in. 

Creating your own fashion trends is a lot easier than you think. The first step to creating your own fashion trends is removing the ceiling off your own mind. If you aren’t looking to be a fashion pioneer, but are too afraid to show the world your twist on trends adapt an “ I like it, I’m wearing it attitude”. This new found level of confidence will change the way to think of yourself and the way others perceive you. Having the courage to wear your own trends or something that genuinely resonates with you is really you being more like yourself.