Natural Looking Contacts

We've all seen beauty vloggers sportin' colored contacts lately. We have the scoop on how to acheive a similar look!

Solotica is a contact supplier based in Brazil that produces three types of colored contacts: 

  • Hidrocor (the most opaque)
  • Hidrocharme(moderate opaque with a thick limbal ring around the iris)
  • Natural (least opaque with a suttle limbal ring around the iris)

Hidrocor are prescription contacts, great for dark eyes and look very natural compared to most brands on the market (including Freshlook, Desio and Acuvue)

Anyone with dark eyes would probably want to get Hidrocor since the opacity works well to mask the color. Those with light eyes that want a dramatic change and look of innocence because of the thick limbal ring, might want to opt for the Hidrocharme selection. Now for those with light eyes that just want to liven up there natural eye color and make it more radiant, Natural Colors is the best choice for you. The good thing about these lenses though is that they allow more oxygen to your eyes and they will last you a good year to a year-and-a-half depending on how well you take care of them.

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