7 Fitness Hacks to Help Keep On Track During the Holidays

The Holiday season is officially here and with the countless holiday parties and festivities in full effect, keeping on top of your fitness goals can be a tough task!

As much fun as it is to indulge in all of culinary delights that are offered during the season we all know it’s an even harder task to take the weight off at the start of the new year. In lieu of making that New Year’s resolution to lose the extra lbs, we’ve assembled some sure fire steps to follow that will make keeping on the fitness track a whole lot easier.

1.       Start a tradition of Adventure and Activity  

Instead of staying indoors, baking cookies and drinking hot cocoa in front of the TV, get yourself and your loved ones out and about with a brisk hike, ski trip or bike ride. Make it a new tradition to do something fun or active that everyone can enjoy.

2.       Travel

Exploring a new city is always an awesome way to hit the ground running and sightsee by foot. Pick a city to explore that will allow you to take an active route of exploration.


3.       Dance the Night Away

Dancing is one of the best forms of physical activity and you know your office Christmas party is the perfect opportunity to show off you best moves whiles burning some serious calories and showing your co-workers that you still got it.


4.       Connect with your Inner Child

Making snowmen, having a snowball fight and sledding are all exciting ways to keep active and be a kid again. Use the time off to kick back and re-connect with childlike behaviors.


5.       Get out in the Yard

Doing yardwork whether its shoveling snow, raking leaves or gardening will help to maintain your muscles mass and done vigorously, also keep your heart rate up.


6.       Shop ‘til you drop

With the rush of holiday shopping, just getting out into mall and walking can be a great form of cardio and if you are disciplined enough to leave out the temptation of  latte’s and Cinnabon, you’ve won half the battle.


7.       Upgrade your workout wardrobe

The thought of looking fierce in your workout clothes can often times be all the motivation you need to keep the physique tight and right. Adding new equipment to our repertoire is also a good way to keep you motivated to your routine.


Danielle Stedman is an up and coming writer, host and producer. Born in Jamaica, W.I. Danielle’s family migrated to the States in pursuit of achieving the American dream. Danielle grew up in Long Island NY, where she was exposed to the fast paced lifestyle, hustle and bustle of living in NY’s Tri-State area. Danielle moved to South Florida shortly after High School and made the decision to study Mass Communications at Nova Southeastern University in Ft. Lauderdale FL, where she earned her Bachelor’s degree and has resided since. While on a journey of self-discovery, Danielle found herself venturing into the worlds of Fashion Merchandising, Social Media Marketing, Music promotion, Not for Profit work and promotional writing for Radio and Television. Danielle now the proud founder of Danirenee21.com and the Miami Correspondent for CocoaFab.com and Fluff Magazine.