Fluff Highlight- LEIKEILI47

Upcoming incognito rapper LEIKEILI47 (li-key-lee) has been making waves with her self-produced, infectious tracks.  

Originally from Brooklyn, with a bit of southern roots in Virginia, she is a self-proclaimed loner and shy girl, but don't let the masks fool you.  She is full of passionate lyrics and a gorgeous face to match.

LEIKEILI47 has been making music for as long as she can remember.  She states, growing up she was unable to afford professional equipment, so she began making beats using only the tools around her.  Fortunately for us, this has infused a refreshing and original sound into her music like no other.  

With hits like "C&C" and her latest track "Money," it's no wonder she's gotten the official nod from Jay Z; placing her fire track "F The Summer Up"  #1 on his Tidal playlist.  Check out her latest video for "Money" below!