Revive Hair Extensions

We all have previously worn hair extensions that haven't been touched in a while, use these tips with items from your kitchen pantry to revive your old hair extensions without breaking your pockets.  

1. Detangle hair extensions with Extra Virgin Olive Oil diluted with water; this will allow the hair extensions to have an extra slip while combing through. Start from bottom to top, to avoid matting, tangling and/or shedding.


2. Cleansing stage: Soak the hair for 15-20 minutes in Apple Cider Vinegar diluted with water, this will discard any product and dirt buildup, from both your hair extensions and weft. 

3. Rinse the hair extensions with lukewarm water until all the residue is completely gone, then seal the hair cuticles with cold water. 

4. Moisturize your hair with good ole' Virgin Coconut Oil, conduct a deep conditioning treatment for 15 minutes, this will also help to seal your hair cuticles and leave your hair with a nice natural smell.