Travel Chic

Let's admit it, the least favorite moment of travel is packing!

"Will my items fit?"

 "Should I check my bag?"

"Does my luggage meet the weight requirements?"

I'm happy to announce that Raden answers all of the questions above and is even packed with charging capabilities! Yes, it can charge your mobile devices! 

As I planned my outfits for a 7 day Italian trip, I was eager to find the most user friendly carry-on in the market. A fan favorite in the tech & fashion industry, Raden, offers two sizes, the A22 Carry and the A28 Check. 

I used the A22 Carry in the matte black color (The neck pillow was my own personal touch). 

The A22 Carry comes equipped with a battery pack that allows you to charge your device, weight sensors that determines if your luggage is overweight and bluetooth that allows you to track when your luggage is arriving as well as where it is! 

A Raden branded eye mask, noise cancelling ear pods and a laundry bag are also included inside. 

I loved that each side within the bag had a zippered compartment which allowed my clothing & shoes a sturdy stay inside the suitcase. The shell of the case is incredibly strong and withstands tons of body weight (for the moments when you need to sit & zip).

Available in 6 colors in both matte and glossy options, the Raden A22 Carry retails at $295. The A28 Check retails at $395. The set together is $595. Oprah just revealed that Raden is one of her favorite things for this holiday season. They will offer a special apple green for the holidays! 

Here are some fun snap shots of my trip below, P.S- I am wearing Indique's SEA Sumatra Wave and the Wavy Closure: