10 things to prepare Yourself for March Madness!

10 things to prepare Yourself for March Madness!

As the month of March moves forward, boys everywhere are itching with excitement as March Madness grows closer. While it is pretty exciting rooting on your college basketball team from the local bar while pretending you know stuff about the sport, girls actually hate March Madness—don't be fooled by our cute Instagram pictures with captions pretending we watched the game instead of socializing the whole time. So in order for us girls to not only survive but thrive in the crazy dog eat dog world of March Madness, I have pulled together a few pointers. Don't take these lightly as, your life and sanity depends on executing these to perfection! 

1. Create a Playlist

Not only do you need something to get you pumped for the gym, but having a curated playlist can help you drown out the incessant screaming of your boo. Replacement jams are a must to ensure that you don't throw your TV, or guy out the window. You are going to need it the next 3 weeks.

2. Do your Research

How are you going to win any money from your office pot if you have no idea what you are doing while filling out your bracket? Beginners luck? That's the way I do it... But you must research all the events going on in your area to keep yourself occupied. Don't let your boyfriend think you are actually going to sit through all those games with him. NO WAY!!

3. Fill out your bracket

Ok ladies... This is the bracket. The thing that makes this tournament so much more exciting than any other sporting event... Yea ok! After all the teams of the tournament are announced on March 15, the chaos can begin! 

If you have been paying attention to the season, use your vigorous research to fill out your well deserved winning bracket... but let's be real, you'll probably get screwed by some crazy upset in the first round. Either way fill one out and better yet have your sports loving beau do it for you... He will think you are so cool for taking "interest" in his favorite time of the year. 

4. Pick your team

Sometimes you give in and and watch a couple games, just to see what all the hype is about and to feel somewhat involved. However, you never know who's good, who's bad, and who deserves to win. So to keep things easy and if your college was good enough to have a team in the tournament, just pick them! 

5. Find the Cutest Look to show your Team Spirit

Whether you are a logo kind of girl our you like to keep it simple by sporting the teams colors, this is by far my most favorite part of March Madness, THE CLOTHES!! A reason to buy NEW sports gear is always up my alley. So buy that hoodie or tee with your schools mascot and get ready to wear it once... LOL. No seriously the whole thing will be lots of fun!

6. Plan your viewing party or parties...

This is thing called march Madness is a marathon not a sprint. While watching the Superbowl you were allowed to eat whatever you wanted, because it was only one evening of delicious feasting. March Madness goes for 3 weeks... So brace yourself! Allow your guy to have a few people over during the course of the tournament... I know, I don't want to either! But to keep the peace offer to host a few viewing parties and stock the fridge with plenty of brews and order some pizza. Of course you should have a healthy snack as well, like a chip or two. 

7. Perfect your smack talk

 Talking smack is perhaps one of the best parts of this tournament because you can get all your anger out while yelling at the TV or a much hated frenemy! Don't let your guest talk junk aboout the team you care so much about... Put them in their place and remind them... This is my house! :-)

8. Binge watch your favorite shows

 If you share a TV with any boy in the vicinity you should not plan on watching any TV other than basketball until the tournament is over. So to prepare yourself for withdrawal of horrible ratchet TV, BINGE watch as much as possible. Any moment he can get in front of the tube he will so be strategic and get your TV watching in NOW!!

9. Brace Yourself for Basketball Over load

This may be the worst part... You want to go to your favorite bar after work? Prepare for a three hour wait and constant shouting from angry guys in suits! And if you thought your social media networks were free of the madness you will be saying "Enough with the tweets, we don't care it was a bad call or that your favorite team won". So plan on having your drinks at your girlfriends on her couch. 

10. Learn how to be a team player

Unless I am a 7 foot tall basketball player, my husband is not going to be looking at me for a while. He will officially be dating march Madness or whatever basketball phenom is currently trending. Oh and there are always going to be boys disappointed with the outcome of the game. So no matter how hard it is... pat him on the back, bring him a brew and kiss is wounds. He is going to need your emotional support after his team gets knocked out of the running

So there you have it. The 10 things to help prepare you for March Madness. Like I said, they must be executed to perfection so let us know how it all goes after these next 3 weeks!