The Rising Star & Social Entrepreneur behind The Cut Life

The Rising Star & Social Entrepreneur behind The Cut Life

Over the past year I have had the chance to work with an amazingly brilliant and passionate Bridal PR Director Garmai Momolu. With such a humble spirit and genuinely nice demeanor I was surprised and delighted when I noticed that Garmai was the co-founder of The Cut Life. Being an Instagram account that I follow religiously, I couldn't believe that I had been interacting with the woman who helped birth such a revolutionary source of inspiration for me and millions of other women around the world. The Cut Life now has a cult following of over 1 million followers on Instagram and serves to celebrate the beauty of short hair and the empowering affects it has on the women who dawn these stunning cuts. As a rising social entrepreneur Garmai excels in crafting beautiful stories through the visuals we have grown to love on The Cut Life. With such an amazing spirit and story, I was honored to get Garmai to shed some light on her story, her passions and her business. Read my Q&A with Garmai Momoluo the C-Founder of The Cut Life!

What has life been like for you in the past 5 years? Did you see yourself being a PR maven and starting an online space with a cult like following? 

Wow. The past 5 years of my life have been very interesting to say the least! I moved from Atlanta to Los Angeles in 2012 and really started my career in fashion. PR wasn’t exactly what I thought I would be doing fashion wise. I always wanted to be an editor or fashion stylist but I ended up being in the right place at the right time to get my job. I started as an intern and just worked my way to being the Bridal Director now. We launched The Cut Life in 2013 and it definitely surpassed our initial visions. We always believed in the idea and knew it was a great one but the growth was and still is so beyond amazing and overwhelming. There were many times in between all of this when I wasn’t sure what I was doing. When I first moved to LA, I was interning and just trying to navigate as best I could for the sake of my dream. Sleeping on an air mattress. Eating Ramen Noodles for lunch and dinner. I just believed in my dream and the bigger picture so much. I had nothing but my faith to rely on but it was always worth it and I knew it was always going to be. I am definitely not to a place where I feel like I’ve ‘made it’ but I feel so blessed to be where I am now and doing all that I’ve been able to do. It certainly wasn’t the easiest journey to here and I’m committed to progressing daily but I believe you need a little struggle to get to some truly beautiful moments in life. 

What inspired you to start The Cut Life? 

Well, in 2013 my business partner Tahira literally called me one day and said “I have an idea; we’re going to start a blog and it’s going to be all about short hair.” I just said ‘Ok!’ We would always share pictures of dope short cuts with each other and it was essentially a way for us to share something we loved with others. From Day 1, we always knew it was a good idea and the timing was so good but I don’t think neither of us saw 1 Million followers in less than 3 years. Tahira really trusted my eye as far as visuals go and we were able to create something in a moment that people really gravitated to. 

What personally inspires you? 

Love & life in general inspires me. My family inspires me. My close friends inspire me. I’m inspired by people who get up every day and give the world their best despite whatever circumstances or issues may be stacked against them. I’m inspired by a beautiful image in my favorite magazine. I’m inspired when I read a really great book. Inspiration is everywhere & I really am so grateful to find myself in a time where people are telling their story, giving their all to the things they believe in and adding more beauty to this world. 

Do you see social media (instagram specifically) as the main platform to reach young black women interested in fashion/ beauty? How will the cut life continue to reach them in the future? 

I think Instagram is a great place for black women who are interested in fashion and beauty; it’s a great resource for both with so many images from across the world! One of my future goals as an African (Liberia) woman who wasn’t raised with the notion that having a job in this 

industry was even an option is to show, empower and encourage young women who want to pursue a career in fashion or beauty. The Cut Life continues to expand with the content on our blog at and through the images we share on our Instagram page to be a source of inspiration, personal or professional. It’s really dope for people to know that Tahira & I are two young women who created something and have found a place for it in a market that doesn’t necessarily cater to us. I think by telling our stories honestly, supporting and empowering other women to cut their hair in a style they’ve been wanting to try or maybe create something of their own to contribute to the fashion or beauty industry, we’ll reach and hopefully touch our audience to. 

What piece of advice would you give a budding social entrepreneur? 

Be consistent! Consistency kills competition and I believe it’s been a huge factor in our success with The Cut Life. We established a certain quality from Day 1 and have stuck with it since then. We aren’t going to sway with trends and we manage to grow while still remaining true to what our audience has come to expect from us and what we also expect from ourselves. Stay consistent, pay attention to your audience, be authentic and don’t post fuzzy or overly pixelated pictures! 

What's next for the cut life?

We recently launched a stylist directory,, which we’re really excited about. We really believe in hairstylists and they are a major part of our audience. Many people actually think we’re a salon so the directory our way to not only show love to the stylists but help our audience find the perfect one for them. We also have some really exciting things coming up as far as product launches and events which I can’t get into too much detail about but they’re going to be fab! We’re also coming up on 3 years and we just want to continue to expand in the beauty realm and really cement ourselves as the premier source for all things short hair!

So to all those budding social entrepreneurs, rising stars and rules breakers, always remember to be confidently you and walk in the path of truth. Thank you to Garmai for sharing her story with us and for being an advocate for female beauty and acceptance!