Kelly Rowland Takes the Lead in the Fight for Diversity in Cosmetics

Destiny's Child veteran and Grammy Award-winning singer, Kelly Rowland recently revealed that she will be launching a makeup line specifically for Women of Color. Chocolate girls, like myself, have struggled for years trying to find the right shades, tones, and textures to complement our melanin.

The surge of internet beauty bloggers, vloggers, and ambassadors has brought much attention to this growing concern throughout the cosmetic industry and brands are now taking action!  Rowland expressed  that her makeup artist, Sheika Daley will be partnering with her on this venture. 

We are very enthused about Kelly Rowland taking the lead in the fight for diversity in the cosmetic industry and cannot wait to see what she and Sheika Daley have in store! There's no word on a launch date for the makeup line -- but stay tuned for updates. You can also look out for Rowland's new show, Chasing Destiny airing on BET April 5th as well as a new album in the coming months.