Dorothea Jackson

Cosmetologist/Hair stylist, Makeup Artist, Wig master

Years in the industry are a running 46

Q:When did you first learn that you had this amazing talent?
A: I first learned of this amazing talent at a very young age. As a child, my mom knew never to give me a doll unless she had long hair. I graduated from Pivot Point International beauty college in Chicago after high school. This is where my foundation was formed in the beauty industry. An incredible beginning. I was exposed to the best hairstylist from all over the world!

My instructors were Leo Passage and Grace Doran just to name a few. Pierre Grier from Basel, Switzerland took me under his tutelage, thus my career began! I traveled the world as his model and assistant. He was a wonderful mentor!

Q: What has been the most exciting moment in your career?
A: The most exciting moment in my career was when I got the opportunity to sing on stage with Diana Ross at McCormick Place, in Chicago. This meeting turned into me giving Diana Ross her signature look, which she still rocks today.  This became my most proudest moment.

Q: What are your beauty projections for this season?
A: My beauty projections for this season are Braids, Bangs, Ponytails, and Natural Hair, be it Curly, Wavy or Straight with 3D Color! 
Q: You've been Indiqued! Tell us about your experience working with our brand?
A: Yes I have been Indiqued!  My experience working with your brand continues to be amazing, from the very start.  I try my best to reach toward perfection in everything I do. I'm a wig master so creating each unit "the hair" is paramount. No-one purchases a wig based on construction alone. 

The hair must be exquisite in every way. Indique offers me this every time! Indique hair performs beautifully. No shedding, matting or tangling, and it colors beautifully.  It lasts through shampoos, blow drys, and iron work.

There is no substitute for the real thing. Human hair is just the best. I can depend upon a quality clean product.  [I enjoy]  a friendly beautiful environment where hair can be touched and felt before purchase, with a knowledgeable staff ready to greet and inform you with your hair needs in every length texture and color is key.

Q: What advice do you have for someone aspiring in your field?
A: My advice to anyone aspiring in this field is to get a thorough education in cosmetology and go for it! Find a mentor whom you believe in and have perfected their craft! You must be tenacious in your work at all cost! 
If they need you to wash towels do it. Sweep the floor, clean and sanitize tools, what ever is needed for them. Practice, practice, practice!! Practice, makes permanent!

Q: What have been some of the barriers you've faced in this industry?
A: One of the barriers I have faced with in this industry has been not finding the quality length and textures of hair that I needed to create my units.
Indique eliminated  this serious task, which was major!  Each unit is custom made and the hair and textures must be consistent!  Also, I can confidently have my out of town clients assisted by Keitha Taylor, Boutique Manager of Indique Chicago, and my LA clients assisted by LA Boutique Manager, Tea McKittrick.  I am always in great hands as a stylist and feel like my clients are too!

Q: What is the staple beauty item we should all have?
A: The staple beauty item we should all have is a custom unit. A great investment.  This unit should mimic your own personal style.  Letting your natural hair rest, having an unexpected business meeting, or last minute plans, having a custom unit on hand will save you in a pinch.  
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