10 Visuals from Beyonce's Lemonade that Makes Us Want Tidal

10 Visuals from Beyonce's Lemonade that Makes Us Want Tidal

RihRih may be telling everyone to download her latest album on Apple Music right now because she’s not feeling Tidal, but last night’s HBO world premiere of Beyonce’s newest visual album, Lemonade had us glued to our screens for almost an hour. You have less than 24 hours until it’s no longer available on HBO and after that, the visual album will only be available on Tidal. From serving us serious #blackgirlmagic with cameos from women like Zendaya and Serena Williams to stunning cinematography, Southern gothic and melodic free verse we know we have to at least watch this 10 more times or until we commit to memory. Here are ten visual images from Beyonce’s Lemonade that will have you signing up for Tidal!


1. This video is a celebration of women and femininity. Throughout the visual album, Beyoncé gives us black girl regal at it’s finest.

2. When Beyoncé and her squad weren’t captivating us with her presence, we had beautiful cinematography.

3. Like this.

4. And then Beyoncé opened the flood gates on us.

5. Kill Bill Beyoncé style.

6. Looks like Serena got in Formation! #slay

7. As always the costumes for a Beyoncé video are on point. We really love this Maasai-Kenya inspired face paint, jewelry, prints and even the safari jeep!

8. Channeling Diana Ross, Sparkle, 70s black queen magic, this is one of the many shots where Beyoncé gives us hair inspiration for days. Sorry, “Becky” we’re with Queen Bey!

9. Here, Beyoncé inspires us to up our Instagram game. And signals slip dresses for Spring!

10. We really couldn't pick just ten and had to include this because this visual album took us on an emotional roller coaster! Happy to see the Knowles Carter family.

11. Our favorite. This scene, and one shot before it in black and white as the camera pans is such a beautiful celebration of women of colour. Even Quenzhané Wallis makes an appearance holding Blue Ivy’s hand! Here we have Chloe and Halle Bailey, two talented young women that are signed to Beyonce’s label, Zendaya, Amandla Stenderg, and French Afro-Cuban twins, Naomi and Lisa-Kainde. Daughters of the late Cuban percussionist Anga Diaz and bomb musicians in their own right. #blackgirlmagic