5 Steps to Selecting the Right Stylist For You

5 Steps to Selecting the Right Stylist For You

What makes for a great hairstylist? For me, it all boils down to who does the best job nurturing my locks and creating a perfect cut for my natural hair. But, regardless of whether you care more about the salon atmosphere, a price tag that won't break the bank, or a stylist that gets you and your personal style, we believe all great stylists have one thing in common: You leave feeling really, really good about your hair.

So in order to help you find the stylist that is going to provide the best service possible, we have some tips to make locating him or her super efficient. 

5 Steps to selecting the Right Stylist for you!

Photo courtesy of  Indique Studios

Photo courtesy of Indique Studios

Know Your Products

Obsessed with a certain product? Jot down your favorite brands and visit their websites. Some manufacturers often have a salon or stylist locator that allows you to search your local neighborhood for salons that use their hair styling products, shampoos or even hair coloring products.

Word of Mouth

I'm a firm believer that the best place to find a great hair stylist is from the people around you. Ask your friends, family, co-workers, acquaintances, or even strangers. The key is that you ask people whose hair you'd love to copy.

Use Social Media

If all else fails, there’s always Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. In minutes you can reach hundreds of people in your area simply by asking the question to the people you connect with online. People like to talk about their hair and the stylist that gave them their style. If they love their hair dresser, they'll refer you. In moments you can have the name, phone number, web site, and fan page of a stylist. The same holds true if they went to someone that they wouldn't recommend.

Book a Test

This is the safest way to get a feel for a stylist without making any major commitments. Sometimes you can even get a discount by going through promotional booking services like Groupon, Living Social, and Gilt City, to try out simple hair services, like a blowout.

Do Some Research

If you're not getting what you're looking for from the people you know, or perhaps you're new to an area and don't know many people, do some research. Once you have a few salons or stylists in mind, narrow down the choices even further by searching the web. Try doing a Google search on the stylist you have in mind. Look up the salon’s Yelp reviews and see what people say firsthand. I recommend averaging out the reviews of any given salon or individual stylist to get a good idea of their capabilities.

If all else fails, visit your local Indique Boutique and ask about their amazing Partner Stylists! Leave in the NY Metro Area? Visit Indique Studios- Indique Hair's premier salon! 

What methods do you use to find great stylists in your area? Share your thoughts below!