3 DIY Face Masks To Prep For Your Natural Summer Glow

3 DIY Face Masks To Prep For Your Natural Summer Glow

Summertime is just around the corner and nothing matches the perfect summer body than having that perfect natural glow. I know we love our make-up, but let’s be honest summer time weather can get hot, humid and sticky. On those days the last thing you feel like doing is wearing make-up, especially if you sweat. Here are four do it yourself masks to help you achieve the perfect summer glow for those make-up less days. 



Avocado is the best kept secret for maintaining great skin. Avocado has Vitamins A & E which are great for repairing damaged skin. The avocado has some of the same benefits as the banana due to both of them having the vitamins A & E. Avocado is also great for providing long lasting moisture. Avocado prevents skin discoloration, it’s a natural sunscreen and can boost any sun block that you apply to your face.  Avocado also has the ability to penetrate deep into the skin riding it of excess oil, & dead skin cells. Lemon as stated earlier is great brightening the skin, exfoliating and evening out your skin tone.

DIY: Mash and mix the Avocado and squeeze half of a Lemon into a small bowl. Apply the mask to clean skin and let sit for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes remove the mask with cold water. 





Honey and Lemon make the perfect team! Lemon brightens, exfoliates and evens out your skin tone. Honey is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, and is great for keeping the skin clear of terrible acne. You can also use Honey alone as a wash, toner or mask.

DIY :Squeeze ½ of the Lemon into a small bowl and follow up with 2 tbsp. of Honey. Make sure the brand of Honey that is being used is organic, raw, or natural. Mix the Lemon and Honey together and apply on clean skin. Leave the mask on for 15-20 minutes and then rinse it off. 




Bananas are so amazing for achieving flawless skin that you don’t need anything else. Bananas have a lot of nutrients such as Vitamins A, B & C, & Potassium. These nutrients help the skin greatly. Vitamin A gets rid of dark spots, and blemishes, while evening out the skin tone. Vitamin B delays against aging of the skin tone, moisturizes and lightens the skin. Vitamin E is great for helping the skin resists sun-rays and prevents wrinkles. Potassium hydrates skin cells and moisturizes.

DIY: Mash a Banana that is ripe into a small bowl. Apply the Banana mask to clean skin. Let it sit for 15 minutes and the remove the mask with cold water.