12 Must-Have Vacation Essentials

You've requested your days off, booked the airfare, reserved the hotel, and arranged your excursions. There’s nothing standing between you and that sweet, non-cubical air. Oh, right, except for one thing: packing. This activity may be the most only stressful aspect of any trip, and it requires the same strategy and precision you used to plan the fun stuff.

To simplify the process, we narrowed down the top 12 must-have vacation essentials. See below for the plane necessities, pool musts, and other packing requisites that'll streamline your vacay. Bon voyage!

1. The Throw-On Dress
One of the most versatile pieces you can toss in your bag, the throw-on dress can be worn a multitude of ways. Try it by itself with sandals for a day of sightseeing, over your swimsuit for an impromptu dinner, or even layered atop trousers for an unexpected night-out look.

2. The Reflective Sunglasses
Retro and current at the same time, these mirrored lenses give a modern twist to a range of classic frames, so you can get your natural #filter on in the most stylish way possible.

3. The Roomy Dopp Kit
There’s no reason to stuff your daily essentials into that old pouch you’ve had since your first flight experience. That’s especially true with these super cute makeup bag that are as functional as they are cool. Grab one in a quirky pattern that could double as an impromptu clutch — just remember to ditch the toothpaste first.

4. The Instant Camera
You’re at the beach — get off your phone. Save some space for an actual camera to replace your mobile's shooter. You’ll create memories without being tempted to check your email every 30 seconds.

5. The Plane-To-Pool Slides
Love 'em or loathe them, shower shoes are going nowhere this summer. If you've been considering hopping aboard this trend, now's the time to do it. Spanning a range of cool colors, textures, and embellishments, this season’s iterations certainly have a life beyond the freshman dorm. They make for a solid footwear choice that's comfy while you're flying and convenient while you're floating.

6. The Wear-All-Week Studs
Your jewelry routine should be simple when you're on vacation. There’s no reason to schlep your entire box with you when fuss-free, eye-catching studs with quirky shapes and classic finishings will go with everything for any occasion.

7. The Slip-On Sneaker
The sneakerhead is ruling the world right now, and slip-ons are leading the pack. Spanning a massive range of fun prints, like colorful leopard, textures and embellishments, these kicks make airport security a breeze and look cool paired with cuffed jeans or even a more-formal dress.

8. The Carry-On Bag
A no-nonsense shape in a graphic print or saturated hue is practical for toting around your iPad, dopp kit, and magazines. It adds spice to your travel ensemble, too.

9. The External Charger
You won’t want to be glued to your phone while relaxing, but there’s nothing worse than seeing that flashing red battery — just in caseyou really need to use it. A portable external charger is small, lightweight, and won’t leave you stranded on the island.

10. The Don't-Forget-It Jacket
Hopefully you won’t need one, but with the airplane’s AC and the sometimes-cool beach nights, it’s smart to have a lightweight jacket on hand. A bomber style is sporty-cool but feels feminine and modern with splashes of microfloral.

11. The Textured Clutch
A textured clutch in summery-feeling raffia gives your going-out look extra depth. A 3D-embellished version with protruding, black and white goes with everything, and a multi-colored option with textured stripes instantly dresses up any look.

12. The Headphones
The No. 1 traveling rule? Don’t forget your headphones. There’s nothing worse than sitting on a 10-hour flight with a screaming baby and no "Yonce" to calm you down. Try a standout print or a sleek, white option to update your tired earbuds. Just make sure they’re noise-canceling.